Jasmine Crockett is a digital content creator and founder of and Everyday XO Media. XO Jasmine serves as her fashion, lifestyle and travel site where she gives her personal view on topics that help inform and inspire women to live well, dress well,  and travel well. She created Everyday XO Media as an extension to her site to serve as a digital media and marketing company producing premium content and experiences for women.

Jasmine has built her career in social media and marketing over the past 6 years and launched her first company at the age of 22.  With an extensive background in marketing and social media she's worked with Fortune 500 companies to create content, manage social media channels/campaigns and creation of strategies.  In her spare time she also freelance writes for publications such as EATER and offers consultations for women who are looking to grow in the blogging or social media industry.

Along with being an entrepreneur, Jasmine is a wife and mom. She's been married to her college sweetheart Marcus for 6 years and they have their sweet baby boy KJ who is two years old.

Jasmine is available for speaking opportunities on panels for topics including:  blogging, building a brand in the digital space, being a mom and business owner,  pushing through no to achieve your goals, female empowerment, working with influencers for successful campaigns and more.